London Semester Programme

In addition to courses at Monticello House, Anglo Educational Services’ Study Centre, AES is affiliated with Birkbeck – one of the largest and most established colleges under the University of London

Students are able to choose from a selection of courses with the view of taking one to four each semester. This will depend on whether they are pursuing a semester course programme only or undergoing courses in conjunction with an internship.

Through its relationship with Birkbeck, AES offers visiting undergraduates a wide range of courses on the college’s London semester programme. These courses are conducted and supervised by University of London teaching staff, who follow the academic policies of both students’ home institutions and the University of London. Birkbeck also provides transcripts verifying the courses taken and the grades awarded.

For the growing number of undergraduates on an internship in London, enrolling at Birkbeck will mean they have a course-load sufficient to obtain credit towards their degree programme at their home campus. It will ensure that they fulfil their required study time in London and balance their internship practicum contact hours, according to UKVI visa regulations. At Birkbeck, students under AES will be treated as University of London students. They will carry student ID and have full access to the university’s extensive library, IT and student facilities.

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